Belize Ultimate Adventure
February 6-16, 2016

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Join us on an amazing 11 day trip to Belize with a side trip to Guatemala. Located along the eastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean Sea, Belize is a unique blend of pristine nature, diverse geography and endless adventure. Thriving rainforests, miles of stunning beaches, hundreds of islands, and the world's second largest barrier reef set the stage for a vast array of activities to engage every personality. Belize truly offers something for everyone. It is for this reason and the cultural diversification Belize represents that it is ranked among the world's premier vacation destinations. Belize, the only nation in Central America where English is recognized as the official language, shares its western and northern boarders with Spanish-speaking countries Guatemala and Mexico, respectively. Along its east coast are nothing but sandy beaches and the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Offshore Belize boasts the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, stretching 185 miles in the beautiful clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. With hundreds of cayes, the marine life and coral is diverse, abundant, and colorful with 70 types of hard coral and nearly 500 species of fish. Three of the only four coral atolls in the western hemisphere can also be found off the coast of Belize, along with the famous Blue Hole. Whether you choose to scuba-dive, snorkel, fish (deep-sea or flats), kayak, parasail, wind or kite surf, or simply relax under a palm tree and watch the sun and moon rise over the Caribbean, the cayes can offer a location that is perfect for you.

Interior Belize the scene drastically changes to jungle, lush rainforest and valleys, and mountains. Several major river systems support a great variety of exotic wild life while cascading to the sea. Adventures to be enjoyed include Maya archaeological sites (there are more Mayan ruins in Belize than any other country in Meso-America), caving (Belize has the largest cave system in Central America), cave tubing, zip lining, jungle trekking, horseback riding, canoeing, and birding (over 500 species of birds). Inland Belize is also home to the “best little zoo in the world”.

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San Ignacio
The picturesque Town of San Ignacio in Belize is blessed with a plethora of attractions and is the perfect base to explore exciting tours like Actun Tunichil Maknul (ATM cave), Caracol and Xunantunich Mayan Ruins, Mountain Pine Ridge Nature Reserve, Cave tubing and zip lining amongst others. A full day tour to Tikal Mayan Ruins in Guatemala is also possible. Known locally as "Cayo", San Ignacio is a unique blend of America's Old West and tropical backwater with frontier-like wooden shops on narrow streets. Burns Avenue is "Main Street" and a good place to begin a tour of the town. Most days it's a busy thoroughfare with lots of people walking in the streets. Burns Avenue and the adjacent streets are packed with shops, hotels and places to eat where hospitable townspeople mingle in restaurants, bars and wooden shops. Many of the guests take the opportunity to visit the local market. Saturday (early) is the best time and day to go, as it's the busiest market day and along with the wide variety of fruits and vegetables offered, there are also plenty of food vendors preparing fresh local fare such as, tacos, tamales, pupusas (right), along with homemade breads, cheeses and yogurts for you to sample. There are also plenty of hand-made crafts and gift items to inspect and a place that sells local medicinal and cooking herbs. Do all this while sharing a taste treat and mingling amongst the locals in the festive atmosphere of this bustling market place.

Actun Tunichil Muknal
Actun Tunichil Muknal (Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre), is one of the most impressive and artefact rich Maya ceremonial caves ever found, containing rare bloodletting altars used in sacrifices by Maya royalty and over 1400 catalogued artefacts as well as sacrificial human remains. The ATM Cave is home to the famous “Crystal Maiden” the intact skeleton of a young female that, due to a covering of calcium carbonate, sparkles eerily in the lamp light. This is a wet cave – you swim into the mouth and then wade through ankle to chest high water before climbing to a labyrinth of dry chambers which lead to the cathedrallike main hall, a towering chamber 350 metres in length and 50 mteres wide and filled with artefacts and sacrificial remains. After this another climb takes you to the stone sepulchre (after which the cave is named) where the Crystal Maiden lies. The ATM Cave an extraordinary adventure with a rare opportunity to see an ancient Maya ceremonial site with skulls, pots and altars as they were and virtually untouched for centuries.

Cave Tubing
Looking for adventure? Perhaps one you will never forget? This cave tubing adventure is surely one you will remember for years to come. Belize is a natural paradise filled with many wonders and the Caves are only one. After being at the bottom of the ocean a least three times in its history, Belize's landscape comprises of limestone, made from shells, corals and the skeletal remains of dead sea creatures. After years of seasonal rains, high up in the Maya mountains of Belize, many rivers where born and flowing water over this type of porous rock, started eroding the limestone creating a passage way into an underground realm that is out of this world, unbelievable and amazing.

The name Xunantunich derives from the Yucatec Maya language and means “Stone Woman.” Local legend holds that around the end of the 1800s, a gentleman from the village of San Jose Succotz Belize went hunting near the site. Crossing the base of the Castillo, he was struck by the appearance of a beautiful statuesque Maya maiden, dressed in traditional “huipil” and “pik,”,and dazzling in the rays of the rising sun. The woman stood motionless by the mouth of a cave which extended beneath the large structure. Stricken by her appearance, the man threw his gun aside and ran downhill to the village. After recounting his tale several villagers led by their native priest returned to the site. Arriving at the large mound they found the mouth of the tunnel, but the stone maiden had disappeared. Thereafter locals claim that the woman has appeared to several others but none have been able to follow her into the cavern.

Flores (Guatemala)
Flores Guatemala is a small, yet splendid island village located on Lake Petén Itzá in the northern Petén region of the country. Most visitors to this beautiful town arrange a Flores Guatemala vacation with the intent to visit the nearby Mayan ruins at Tikal. Also a great base for other trips around Petén, Flores is among the safer places in the wilds of the north and it caters to visitors with an ample amount of Flores hotels, restaurants and internet cafes. While the nearby towns of Santa Elena and San Benito offer a more authentic Guatemalan experience, you will notice that they also contribute more in the way of litter and traffic. With plenty to see and do in Flores Guatemala, visitors will soon discover that this island city is not only a take-off point for Guatemala tours, but a worthy attraction in and of itself.

Seen in many movies like 'Apocolypto' and '2012', is this magnificent Mayan ruin of ancient times. The name Tikal may be derived from ti ak'al in the Yucatec Maya language; it is said to be a relatively modern name meaning "at the waterhole". The name was apparently applied to one of the site's ancient reservoirs by hunters and travelers in the region. It has alternatively been interpreted as meaning "the place of the voices" in the Itza Maya language. At any rate, Tikal is not the ancient name for the site but rather the name adopted shortly after its discovery in the 1840s. Hieroglyphic inscriptions at the ruins refer to the ancient city as Yax Mutal or Yax Mutul, meaning "First Mutal". The Tikal National Park covers an area of 575.83 square kilometres (222.33 sq mi). It was created on 26 May 1955 under the auspices of the Instituto de Antropologia y Historia and was the first protected area in Guatemala.

Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker, located 21 miles northeast of Belize City and 11 miles south of Ambergris Caye, is the second largest of the Belizean cayes. The island is about 4 miles long, but the town is only about a mile long. Like Ambergris, Caye, Caye Caulker was primarily a fishing community; but its economy has become increasingly tourism-based. Caye Caulker is a popular destination for scuba divers, snorkelers, anglers, and tourists who just want beach-oriented relaxation at budget prices. Although in the past it was a sleepy fishing community, this fun loving isle is today known more for its party and night life than diving or fishing.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Many say that snorkeling Hol Chan is as impressive as snorkeling the best spots in the world. Perhaps for this reason Hol Chan is considered the most popular snorkel site in Belize. Just about 4 miles south of San Pedro Town, or a short 15 minute boat ride, Hol Chan, Mayan for “little Channel” and “quebrado” in Spanish, is home to over 160 species of fish, along with nearly 40 species of corals, 5 sponges, 8 algaes, 2 seagrasses, 3 marine mammals and 3 species of sea turtle. Schools of jacks, groupers and snappers come to greet their new guests of the day, as you are guided off to the channel’s edge where vibrant coral forms crevices and an overhang where green eels and lobsters dwell.

Shark Ray Alley
The world's largest diving magazine, Skin Diver, has given Belize's Shark-Ray Alley feature billing in two issues lately. This dive site has been selected as one of the seven best "animal dives" in the Caribbean. For several years, local fishermen often cleaned their catch in this area, located just inside the reef, to the south of Ambergris Caye. When fishermen noticed that their activity had attracted Nurse Sharks and several Southern Sting Rays, they reported this information to the dive operations in San Pedro, who then dispatched some divers to investigate. What they found was a bonanza, and "Shark-Ray Alley" quickly became a very popular dive site.

The Great Blue Hole
A feature attraction of Diving in Belize, Especially for divers with a appreciation of geographical phenomena, is the opportunity to explore the famed Blue Hole. Part of the Lighthouse Reef System, it lies approximately 60 miles off the mainland out of Belize City. It is one of the most astounding dive sites to be found anywhere on earth, right in the center of Lighthouse Reef is a large, almost perfectly circular hole approximately one quarter of a mile (.4 km) across. Inside this hole the water is 480 feet (145 m) deep and it is the depth of water which gives the deep blue color that causes such structures throughout the world to be known as "blue holes." Like a giant pupil in a sea of turquoise, The Blue Hole is a perfectly circular limestone sinkhole more than 300 feet across and 412 feet deep. The array of bizarre stalactites and limestone formations which mould its walls seem to become more intricate and intense the deeper one dives. Near to The Blue Hole, one of Belize's largest protected areas, Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, encompasses 10,000 acres of the atoll and 15 square miles of surrounding waters.

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Note: Belize has a departure tax of $39.25 and is not included in the airfare or land package. You will need to pay this when departing from Belize International Airport.

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